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I'm a girl who can't get enough Pokémon so, I've dedicated an entire blog to it. Everything Pokémon. Games, television show, memorabilia, awesome.

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Mom, I can’t save during a battle!
Ancient proverb (via dutchster)
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はじめてのポケモン & はじめてのポケモン2 by いっすん帽子

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Does this make you uncomfortable

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There has been an upsurge in Ash hate over the past couple of days—a result, I think, of Pokémon going up on Netflix—so I’m going to just lay down some truths about Ash, and why he’s fantastic, and why people should stop hiding…

So much Ash love.

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come on guys, let’s take a pic for the instagram 

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Safely Endangered


Safely Endangered

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shit like this is why there’s been 16 fucking seasons of this god damn show

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Kalos Gym Badge Set Giveaway

So these badges are a bit different from how I made the previous gym badges. I went for a more simple and larger design for ease of assembly. I hope they’re still to everyone’s liking! They’re available for purchase in my shop for preorders, but I’m giving you guys a chance to win a set here.


  • 1 winner will receive a set of Kalos gym Badges


  • Reblog this post once for an entry to win
  • Likes/Follows do not count, but appreciated
  • Giveaway ends February 27th 2014, Thursday at 11:59pm PST
  • Winners will be announced February 28th 2014,

Reblog or Espurr will unleash it’s wrath upon you!

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I am moved to tears by the beauty and drama of the human condition.

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